Sam's Laser FAQ, Copyright © 1994-2020, Samuel M. Goldwasser, All Rights Reserved.
I may be contacted via the
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Sam's Laser FAQ
Local Installation

Version 1.57

Copyright © 1994-2020
Samuel M. Goldwasser
--- All Rights Reserved ---

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Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ Email Links Page.

Reproduction of this document in whole or in part is permitted if both of the following conditions are satisfied:
  1. This notice is included in its entirety at the beginning.
  2. There is no charge except to cover the costs of copying.

Table of Contents


This document outlines the installation procedure to create a local browser accssible copy of Sam's Laser FAQ: Safety, Info, Links, Parts, Types, Drive, Construction - A Practical Guide to Lasers for Experimenters and Hobbyists. It consists of a set of HTML files and associated schematics, diagrams, and photographs.

Note that Sam's Laser FAQ is constantly evolving. While having a local copy is convenient and provides for fast access, you lose the benefit of always having the very latest version at your fingertips. Keep this in mind before you go to the installation effort only to find that your copy is out-of-date even before all the bits have settled into place. :)

Basic Installation

Important: Silicon Sam's Technology Resource (SSTR, does not include Sam's Laser FAQ ( in its distribution. Therefore, Sam's Laser FAQ must be loaded or updated separately even if you have installed SSTR.

The following assumes a first time install of Sam's Laser FAQ:

I routinely test all of this on Unix (Sun OS/Solaris), Linux (Redhat), and Windows (Win98, WinME, Win2000, WinXP) using both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Please let me know if there are any problems.

Icons and Links

Two sets of icons are included for linking to Sam's Laser FAQ from your own Web pages (lasersam.gif and laserfaq.gif, 64 x 64 pixels) and from Windows (lasersam.ico and laserfaq.ico, 32 x 32 pixels). (The fabulously detailed graphics on laserfaq.gif and laserfaq.ico will even help you to remember how to connect a helium-neon laser tube correctly!) For example:

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    -- end V1.57 --

    Sam's Laser FAQ, Copyright © 1994-2020, Samuel M. Goldwasser, All Rights Reserved.
    I may be contacted via the
    Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ Email Links Page.

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