What is the Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ?

Version 1.03

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Table of Contents

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    Before you spend a lot of time searching for something that isn't here, please take a moment to understand what the Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ is and what it is not.

    Note: Except for the "How to Repair... from other sources", the following also applies to the Silicon Sam's Technology Resource which may be present at this site or may be where you came from. :)

    Your browser needs to be configured properly to make sense of the many ASCII diagrams, schematics, and tables. See the document: Suggested Browser Settings for font and other related information.

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    What the S.E.R FAQ IS

    The collection of on-line documents called the Sci.Electronics.Repair (S.E.R) FAQ represents a unique resource in the Universe providing information on a variety of topics including consumer electronics repair, general electronics, and lasers and optics. It has been developed for the hobbiest, tinkerer, engineer, weekend mechanic, housewife, dentist, and poet. For you, I am doing this because I would like to help provide information that is not always readily available.

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    What the S.E.R FAQ is NOT

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    -- end V1.03 --

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